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Our Vision

“Soccer is our passion. Cause of that we already knew the problem of slipping in shoes during sport. Searching for a solution, we developed SHOESOXX. The brand-new socks create a maximum of grip in all dynamic sports. And they were totally made in Germany which makes us proud.”


Founder of SHOESOXX

Starting with the idea of grip socks...

Produktbild Shoesoxx Navy Latte Fußballtor

In 2019 we started selling grip socks in huge quantities as the sales team for the countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Improving our skills and experiences with the subject of grip socks we decided: 

It’s time to develop our own and more optimized grips socks called SHOESOXX which make ourselves more independent.  

...about beginning the development...

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Increasing expertise, we made an extensive market analyzation. As a result, we produced new and powerful grip socks. From day one the production took part next to Dresden, not far away from our headquarter. The final handling in a high-quality take part in our company. Cause of that SHOESOXX are completely made in Germany.

...the tests of professional players...

Verpackungen Shoesoxx

In Oktober 2021 we inspired about 39 professional soccer men and women players between the first and third German Bundesliga to wear SHOESOXX in the daily trainings and competitions of their teams. The Feedback we received made us feel positiv. Moreover, their suggestions for improvements could be applied before launching the brand-new socks in 2022. 

Developing sport functional socks which have a high quality, are perfectly optimized, and totally made in Germany makes us proud. Now more and more players join our team SHOESOXX…

...until the launch.

Produktbild Weiß Rasen Shoesoxx Fußballschuhe anziehen

In spring 2022 we finally were able to launch SHOESXX after two years of intensive development. For sure, the brand-new functional socks will be more than equal to the competitors. Therefore, SHOESOXX will focus on perfect quality paired with a huge availability and a trustful service.

→ Since 2014 we are active as a brand in team sports. You will receive all information at www.geco-sportswear.com.



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