About Us

The Spirit

“Football is our passion. That’s why we know the feeling of slipping in the shoe during sport. To solve this problem, we developed SHOESOXX. Your new grip socks generate the maximum of grip and are totally made in Germany. “

Founder of SHOESOXX


The Idea

In 2019 we started selling grip socks in large quantities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. With our growing knowledge about high quality grip socks, we decided in 2021:

Let’s become independent and develop our own grip socks!


Our experiences and analyses helped us developing our own premium functional socks. From day one we produce the socks very close to our daily office. The final refinements with the performance increasing Hexagon Pads take part in a high quality in our own house. This makes SHOESOXX a product “Made in Germany”.


On the 23rd of October 2021 SHOESOXX were used for the first time in an official football match between SG Dynamo Dresden and FC Schalke 04. Such an important milestone in our young history. Since this day many soccer players around the world started supporting our team and wearing SHOESOXX. This makes us proud!

Extensive Tests

In December 2021 we convinced 39 professional football players to take part in our product development and try the SHOESOXX in their daily trainings and competitions. The Feedback were impressive und confirmed us in our conviction to produce the best grip socks. Some little changes and optimizations could be integrated before starting to sell the socks. The result is a perfect product “Made in Germany”. Since these days our Team SHOESOXX increases day by day.


In spring 2022 we finally were able to start selling SHOESOXX in big entities. Our socks started to battle with other grip socks in the stores of sports retailers. During the preparation we pre-produced many socks and now we can deliver out of our big stock. We are convinced having the best grip socks around. Therefore, we combine functionality and comfort added with big stocks and a premium service.

Final of the European Championship in Wembley

Since day one we dreamed of taking part in a big worldwide tournament with SHOESOXX. And right at the first tournament taking place we were able to fulfill this dream. In 2022 less than one year after starting with SHOESOXX the European Women’s Championship has taken place in England. The German team with many members of our Team SHOESOXX even reached the finale in the historical Wembley Stadium, but unfortunately lost 2:1 against host England.