Team SHOESOXX is growing and growing!

Our SHOESOXX team is growing and growing. And we have to thank you for that. More and more athletes wear our performance socks and recommend them to their friends. Thank you for that!


SHOESOXX are also becoming increasingly popular among professional footballer players. Since October 2021, over 300 professionals out of the first to the third league have already used the new socks during training and matches for their respective clubs. The positive and constructive feedback was incorporated into the production of the socks even before their official launch in spring 2022. The opinions of our players, whether professional or amateur, reinforce our conviction that we have brought a fully successful and optimized performance sock for dynamic sports “Made in Germany” to the market.


We want to continue this journey. To do this, we will continue to spread the word about our socks and hope for your recommendations, impressions with SHOESOXX, constructive feedback, or general suggestions for improvements. You can simply use our contact form or reach out to us on any other communication channels.