The story behind SHOESOXX!

Today, we would like to tell you about our vision of developing the perfect sport performance socks:

We knew about the problem of slipping between the foot and shoe from our active years in sports. After gaining experience in the team sports sector, we decided to passionately dedicate ourselves to finding a solution to this problem and increase the performance of the next generation of athletes. To start, we distributed grip socks from a European manufacturer in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Thanks to our growing expertise in this field, we decided in 2021 to develop our own sports performance socks and become independent of delivery difficulties and stock shortages. Using our extensive knowledge, we later produced our own improved performance sock model – the SHOESOXX.


From the start, the production of SHOESOXX took place not far from our headquarters in Dresden, Germany. We also ensure the final finishing process of the socks with the performance-increasing hexagon grip pads in our own facility, ensuring high quality. Thus, SHOESOXX is a completely German-made sports article, and we are proud of that!

In the spring of 2022, our SHOESOXX were finally ready to compete with other sports performance socks on the market.

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