Frequently asked questions

It’ s necessary to wash your brand new SHOESOXX before using them. This will increases your grip additionally.

Made in Germany stands for quality and reliability since decades. Cause of this we produce right here in Germany. As a result, we can guarantee short transport routes. We do not need to use air transport which makes an important benefit for the environment.

SHOESOXX are generally made for all kinds of sports. Cause of the good fit and the performance increasing details the grip socks achieve their highest level of efficiency in dynamic sports. Especially in doing quick changes, jumps and landings SHOESOXX are able to guarantee the maximum of grip between feet and shoes. Moreover, hobby active people like hikers will benefit from our special technology as well.

SHOESOXX are available in 9 different colors. These colors are red, yellow, green, white, royal, navy, sky, orange and black.

For a perfect fit! We do not believe in one size products. In our opinion achieving the perfect grip wearing socks in just one size between 36 up to 47 is not possible. As a result, we decided to design SHOESOXX in 4 individual sizes which makes us be ahead of different grip socks in the world. 

You can find the size on the waistband at the calf of the socks.

One of the most asked questions about SHOESOXX. Our socks are designed like a second skin for your feet. A thinner making improves the performance between feet and shoes. Instead of this thicker socks decrease the optimal fit and could lead to slipping inside the shoes. In addition to that, thicker functional socks reduce the high efficiency of the important performance pads. As a result, we made SHOESOXX thinner than different socks. Despite their thin making they successfully ensure the combination of functionality and durability at the same time.

Same answer like for the socks in general. Thin Socks with thin Performance Pads are best to guarantee perfect grip!

The unique hexagon design of the Performance Pads enables the highest possible contact surface which leads to perfect grip. A round or other geometric arrangement is contrary to our idea of a maximum performance.

The exact material needs to stay a secret. But the Performance Pads are most effective if little liquid is formed by people wetting inside the socks. In this case SHOESOXX will build an even better unit which leads to the maximum of performance.

To improve the fit of SHOESOXX around your feet we added a view little silicone threads inside the socks. These do not just lead to a better grip; they guarantee an even thinner and stronger feeling to your feet at the same time. This is why it is a little bit more difficult to enter them. But this fact will increase your performance, believe us!

Developing SHOESOXX we decided not to add our own brand logo at the visible areas of SHOESOXX. Soccer players and their clubs have different sponsoring contracts with sport brands. We want to give them the possibility to wear SHOESOXX anyway and without causing future conflicts. 

SHOESOXX are produced in a high quality. The combination of the different materials lead to perfect grip and the maximum of performance. Nevertheless, we are able to individualize 7 out of our 9 colors.  The socks can become personalized with up to 2 letters and/or up to 2 numbers. These Combination are possible: Letter + Letter; Number + Number; Letter + Letter + Number + Number. Examples are: LL, 99, LL99.

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