Technologie Shoesoxx Weiß Detailbild Eigenschaften
Technologie Shoesoxx Silikon Stripe

Silicon stripes inside for second skin feeling

Technologie Shoesoxx Silikon Stripe

Perfect Closing with silicon stripe

Technologie Shoesoxx Hexagon Performance Pads Grip

Unique Hexagon performance Pads

Technologie Shoesoxx versen zehen verstärkung

Expanded Heels and toes areas

Technologie Shoesoxx Soft Air Luftaustausch

special soft air sole for perfect climate

Technologie Shoesoxx links rechts anatomisch

Anatomic right and left foot

Shoesoxx Größen Weiß

Four individual Sizes

We don’t believe in general sizes. Instead of this we are convinced, that just an individual fit leads to perfect grip. Therefore, our SHOESOXX are available in four varied sizes:

S (36-38), M (39-41), L (42-44), XL (45-47)

Shoesoxx Farben Weiß Navy Sky Royal Schwarz Rot Orange Grün Gelb

The right color for every team

Which color do your team use? To make SHOESOXX useful for all players we decided to launch our special sport socks in nine incredible colors:

White, Sky, Black, Royal, Red, Orange, Navy, Green, Yellow

Frequently asked questions

Before using SHOESOXX you should wash them. This is important and guarantees the maximum of grip.

Made in Germany is a mark which is known for high quality and reliability for decades. By producing in Germany, we can guarantee short ways of delivery which is quite ecological and helps the planet.

In general, SHOESOXX will help you in every kind of sport. Cause of the perfect fit and the unique characteristics SHOESOXX will have the highest level of performance using them in dynamic sports. For example, fast changes of direction, jumps and landings as well.  Athletes like hikers take their benefits out of the unbeatable grip too. Especially downhill people will feel the typical non-slip effect.

SHOESOXX are available in nine following colors: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Royal, Navy, Sky, Orange and Black.

To guarantee perfect fit! This is not possible with only one size. We decided to develop four individual sizes. Thats one point why SHOESOXX are ahead to the competitors.

Our Sizes: S (36-38), M (39-41), L (42-44), XL (45-47)

The size is located on the waistband at the top of the socks inside.

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions about SHOESOXX. Our functional socks were developed as a “second skin”. The thinner the socks are, the better is the interaction between foot and shoe. Thicker functional socks reduce the high efficiency of the performance pads applied on the outside. Despite their thin workmanship, our SHOESOXX master the tightrope walk in terms of functionality and durability, as extensive tests in various sports with competitive athletes have shown.

What applies to the processing of the socks also applies to the performance pads in the sole area. Thinner socks with thinner pads lead to optimal grip!

Our unique hexagonal formation of the performance pads leads to the largest possible contact area between shoes and socks. That makes the most grip. A round or other geometric arrangement is contrary to the idea of maximum performance.

The material is a secret! Our performance pads are most effective if there is little liquid like sweat in the socks. As a result, your socks will become a closed unit for maximum efficiency.

For achieve the best fit, small Silicone stripes have been included in SHOESOXX. This leads not only to perfect grip. Moreover, the stripes enclose the whole foot which leads to a tighter entry.

During the detailed product development, we decided against making an SHOESOXX branding in the calf area. Professionals and competitive athletes of all sports are usually contractually bound to different outfitters. Making this decision symbolizes our full respect to other brands and avoid conflicts.

Our SHOESOXX are produced on an extremely high standard. The interaction of the varied materials ensures the best grip and the best possible performance. Further refinements like abbreviations or country flags could have a negative impact to these properties.

→ Do you have individual questions that are not listed here? Then please use our contact page. We are looking forward to your message!